Leave improvements kick in
by Derek Mullen

Civil service clerical and executive officers with 12 years’ service will receive an extra day’s annual leave from 1st January 2018, in an arrangement negotiated by Fórsa under the Public Services Stability Agreement (PSSA). Those with 14 years’ service are due a further day.
Staff appointed or promoted to executive officer posts will have any service at service officer, clerical officer and staff officer grades reckoned as service for the purpose of calculating leave available after five, ten, 12 and 14 years’ service.
Fórsa is currently in discussions with management about applying the leave changes to civil service grades analogous with clerical and executive officers. 
Meanwhile, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) has proposed a revision of the leave circular on issues like carry-over leave and standardising the annual leave year.


Civil service leave provision


Grade Days per year
Clerical Officer


22 rising to 23 after 5 years’ service

24 after 10 years’ service

25 after 12 years’ service

26 after 14 years’ service 

Executive Officer


23 rising to 24 after 5 years’ service

25 after 10 years’ service

26 after 12 years’ service

27 after 14 years’ service


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