Circus Maximus

by Niall Shanahan

In other news, Fórsa and Siptu's push for the remunicipalisation of waste management services is reported in the Irish Times, as both unions are quoted: "Privatisation of municipal waste collection services has led to “a wild west” that has failed householders and is no longer best practice in major European cities where control has reverted to local authorities." 


Richy Carrothers told the Oireachtas Committee on Environment and Climate Action yesterday that many councils, faced with an unviable business model for domestic refuse, exited waste management, resulting in a “quasi market” for waste which is poorly regulated with considerable environmental costs. 


In health, the Irish Examiner reports that the Government has agreed that the health service requires significantly more funding and €1.5bn will be added to the base this year and each year. The paper's political editor Elaine Loughlin says HSE chief Bernard Gloster is now having his "I told you so moment."


Elsewhere, the ICTU has welcomed news that planned new laws aimed at ensuring enhanced benefits for those with a strong work history who become unemployed have passed through the Oireachtas.  


While this week's weather won't see a rise in heat-related hospital admissions, Irish admissions for health conditions linked to temperature rises due to climate change are projected to increase by 12.2% during hotter weather in coming decades. Meanwhile, Denmark will introduce the world's first carbon tax on livestock, a unique measure designed to bring the Scandinavian country closer to its goal of carbon neutrality by 2045. 


Tech firms continue to insist on having their cake and eating it as Airbnb lobbies hard to persuade the Government not to impose new planning restrictions on short-term holiday properties that "will never be available for the long-term rental market." 




Almost 25 years since Russell Crowe blazed onto the screen as Maximus in Gladiator, our nation's favourite Ballyhaunis-bound Oscar nominee takes up the sword, cudgel and sandals for a sequel that looks like it doesn't lack ambition. Director Ridley Scott just doing his thing at the tender age of 86.


Have a great day.





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