Storms, death, strikes, Brexit: Happy Friday!
by Bernard Harbor

Greetings union grafters.


Apologies for the slight delay this morning. It's  due to Finglas letting West Dublin down power-wise.


Brexit is back/still in the news as UK ministers met (again) yesterday to negotiate their negotiating position. Still, the Guardian brings some hope to us remoaners as Mr Corbyn considers a change in stance, while Brussels big-wigs meet today to consider the impact of Brexit on the EU budget, including the common agricultural policy.


Also in Blightly, striking university lecturers are mad about pensions.


More than 400 people have been slaughtered in eastern Ghouta in the last five days. Jonathan Freedland pricked my conscience earlier this week.


In public-private news, formerly publicly-owned telecom giant eir could miss its deadline for providing 300,000 rural broadband connections - aka its 2015 promise that could ultimately collapse the National Broadband Plan. And the BBC has a good (and short) video explainer on the pros and cons of renationalising the railways.


Meanwhile, Irish Water's outing to the Oireachtas Housing Committee gets a few column inches in the Indo.


Muiris Houston skips over the media's culpability as he opines on one of my teeth-grinding bugbears, false science on vaccines and its deadly impact, while a study from Newcastle university says Irish cities will be among the hardest hit by future extreme weather events. Watch out Dublin, Derry, Cork and Waterford.


Regarding Zen, how about these fabulous post-Soviet visions from young east European photographers? Muscovite Pavel Milyekov is responsible for the one above.


Have a fabulous Friday.


Bernard Harbor

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