Giants of all sizes
by Niall Shanahan

Good morning,


So is it a breakthrough moment or just another Groundhog Day? You have no shortage of material to help inform your own conclusions in today's Brexit coverage. Congress issued this statement yesterday afternoon.


The haste with which the new deal came into existence (about the time it took the Tippex to dry on the previous version) is raising eyebrows, and the drama set to unfold in the House of Commons as this thing goes to a vote will, I presume, have us all glued to it.


The Irish Times editorial concludes: "Ultimately – and it bears repeating – the deal is good for Northern Ireland, which will have a special economic status that will help to ease the damage of Brexit while retaining the open land border that has been so important to its recent stability."


There is some non-Brexit news, not a lot, but there is some...
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